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Automated Tray Washer

Posted by Blair Kibblewhite on Jun 29, 2020 10:50:00 AM
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Everybody using freeze dryers will ask at some stage the best way to clean their product trays and when a client has over 500 trays then finding the most efficient solution is paramount.

Depending on what the client's GMP standards require, washing could be as simple as hosing the trays down after each cycle to fully sanitizing them. In the past Cuddon Freeze Dry have designed & built tray washers to suit a clients specific need, however in the case of Nelson based contract manufacturer Alaron, they were able to team up with Rhima NZ and installed one of their large automated tray washers which has led to a 75% reduction in tray clean time.

You can read more about how Rhima NZ and Alaron resolved the issue of the best way to clean their Cuddon freeze dry trays - https://www.rhima.co.nz/case-studies/alaron-have-automated-their-washing/

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