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Dairy Industry - The Lactoferrin Story

Posted by Blair Kibblewhite on Aug 27, 2015 4:11:34 PM
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Milk contains many different types of proteins, each with their own unique properties and economic value. High value proteins such as Lactoferrin are sought after for their antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used extensively in infant formula. The bio-active material is also found in human breast milk and is believed by medical scientists to have immune-enhancing and anti-cancer properties.

The most common method for collection is extraction at the factory by ion exchange resin from the whey stream. It takes approximately 10000 litres of milk to produce 1 gm of Lactoferrin powder. The market for Lactoferrin has grown from 45,000kilograms in 2001 to 185,000 kg in 2012 and is projected to grow to 262,000 kg in 2017. On the current market Lactoferrin is priced at between US$500 to US$1,000 per kilogram.

Cuddon recognizes the market potential from the surge in consumption and the limited availability of Lactoferrin powder which is Freeze dried after separation from bulk milk supplies.

This valuable commodity requires a large feedstock and it suited to larger producers, however the principal for manufacture is the same with premium product filtered and freeze dried, then milled to a standard particle size

Cuddon have been favored and are a major supplier worldwide to Dairy companies who have adopted this process. Led by New Zealand based producers Cuddon is supporting International companies in NZ, Australia, USA & Ireland, and believe there is a real increase in market potential in the dairy industry for this product which will lead to more requirements for Cuddon conduction style Freeze Dryers in the near future.

The reputation for reliability and performance of the Cuddon Freeze Dryers has been well recognized and tests show remarkable bioactivity from the dried product, leading to a client’s specifying Cuddon dryers. The industry has adopted the FD600 & FD1000 models as a baseline units, but some smaller producers have used Cuddon model FD300’s and gone for multi installations adding capacity as required.

The Cuddon designed Freeze dryers have a ‘Freeze in place’ option with shelving temperatures to -20°C. The current trend is that most companies tend to freeze product inside the dryer to limit the liability of handling, but some clients choose to use a separate facility for freezing and simply chill the modular shelving to maintain the integrity of this heat sensitive product.

By either method, the end result is a fine powder of high quality.

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